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cockney alphabets

A for ‘orses (ie, hay for horses)
B for mutton (ie, beef or mutton)
C for th’ighlanders (ie, Seaforth Highlanders)
D for ential (Deferential) [or Deef or dumb]
E for Adam (Eve for Adam) [or ‘Eave a brick]
F for vessence (ie, effervescence)
G for police (ie, chief of police)
H for respect (have respect) [or ‘Ate ye for it]
I for novello (ie, Ivor Novello) [or ‘Igh falutin’ or looting]
J for orange (ie, Jaffa oranges)
K for ancis (Kay Francis) [or Cafe for a cuppa]
L for leather (ie, Hell for leather)
M for sis (ie, emphasis)
N for lope (ie, envelope) [or ‘En for eggs]
O for the garden wall (Over the garden wall) [or Over my dead body]
P for relief (Pee for relief) [or Pee for a penny]
Q for music (Cue for music) [or Queue for the flicks]
R for mo (ie, ‘Alf a mo’)
S for you (it’s for you) [or As for you…]
T for 2 (Tea for two)
U for films (UFA films) [or Euphemism]
V for la France (Vive la France)
W for a fiver (ie, double you for a fiver) [or Double you for a pound]
X for breakfast (ie, eggs for breakfast)
Y for God’s sake (ie, Why, for God’s sake) [or wife or girl-friend?]
Z for breezes (ie, Zephyr breezes) [or ‘s head for ‘is ‘at]


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